Playa Resaca

Playa Resaca is one of the treasures of Culebra as an important turtle nesting site. Monitored by the US Fish & Wildlife Service, the beach may be closed during nesting season. Respect the signs and don’t walk into closed off areas. For hikers, this is the most difficult hike on the island. Known as the Resaca boulder forest, the trail is narrow and steep, but fun and interesting. For surfers, Resaca is one of the only beaches with good surf, the other is Playa Brava. The beautiful and secluded landscape of this beach is worth the effort to get there. 

Beach Highlights

• Surfing
• Hiking
• Secluded Location

Playa Resaca is most easily accessed by private water taxi. Call us to schedule your trip to Playa Resaca with Captain Rico.

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