Playa Brava

A dangerous beauty, the waves and currents at Brava Beach can be powerful and there are no lifeguards or facilities, so enjoy this beach with care and common sense. These waters demand respect, so it’s not a swimming beach. Surfers should always bring someone to watch while you surf. Swimming back in may be a challenge even for experienced swimmers. Not ideal for children, if you bring them, pay close attention. Even getting into the water up to the thighs can be risky. Come to Brava to enjoy the secluded, natural beauty. From the hotel you must drive to the trailhead, then the beach is a 20 minute hike.

Beach Highlights

• Surfing
• Solitude

Playa Brava is most easily accessed by private water taxi. Call us to schedule your trip to Playa Brava with Captain Rico.

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Playa Brava is another turtle nesting site. If you see signs of nesting or roped off areas, please don’t walk disturb those areas.